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Beach Please!! These Hilarious Beach Fails Will Take You On A Laughter Ride

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We still have a few months left for our beloved summer, season to be on a beach. The perfect time to get into your bikini body (or not, who cares), to get a tan, to let go of the stress and relax on the warmest of sand and coldest of waves. Sounds beautiful right? But you know what is better than beautiful? It is “funny” dude!!

Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Ross went off to get a tan and buoyee, was that place the sun?? If that was amusing to you then you are safe to proceed. Now there is a long list of people who are perfectly capable of turning a “supposed to be normal” day into one cracking fun day, with no intention of it. (Well that’s the funny part actually). These beach fails are sure to crack you up.

Here are a couple of beach fails that will take you on a laughter ride.

1. What exactly is that?

Dark chocolate melting in the natural warmth with an essence of…uhgrhh I can’t do it. Just ruined dark chocolate for you all. Sorry, not sorry.

2. When they are cute little innocent looking but only you know these kids are pure evil disguised in a tiny body.

Kid: Does your mobile have games?

Me: Of course dear, play this, “Blue Whale”. (Evil laughter)

3. Really??

Thank you so much for the notice. I thought I was turning into chai. (Doesn’t make any sense, I just love chai).

4. Thank god this did not happen in India.

Otherwise, this would have been a clear case of milk over fish. hahaha

5. I want a candid.

Should look absolutely natural as if I wasn’t ready. Take it from an appropriate angle. Nothing too wild. OKAY. Job well was done.

6. Taken about 100 pictures, not a single one worth keeping. 

Ohh I found one… what the hell?


7. I don’t know what they were thinking taking a pool to the beach but this is very similar to going for a bachelor party with your wife.

8. Someone just left their sugar dough on the beach. Look behind people…

9. Because I am done arresting criminals but I want promotion. My eyes on you donkey looking creature!

10. No Kidding. They are dead serious about their policies.

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11. Hello, there Avengers!

12. When all of your friends ditch you for your Goa Plan but you want to show the world that you can enjoy without them. 

13. When all of your friends are enjoying with their bikini babes but you alone gotta match with their swag.

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